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Garlic Miso Paste by Hironosuke

[1] Product Feature

1. What problem will be solved by this product?

Garlic Miso Paste easily can add more flavor and joy in your dish with reducing time to cook. If you use it in your restaurant you can offer a new menu for health, beauty conscious customers.


2. Purpose of use and how it is used.

- Add in fresh vegetable, rice, bread.

- Mix with noodles.

- Add flavor to fried foods.

- Add, mix, paste in fish, meat, fried and grilled menu.


3. Uniqueness and strength of this product.

- Miso is a famous fermented Japanese "super food" that contains nutrient of revitalization.

- Only our product contains harissa and mayonnaise together.

- Light weight transparent bag is easy to handle and store. You can cook with one hand and can keep kitchen clean.


4. Features in product origin, raw material, production method, technology and quality control.

- Main ingredient miso is produced by Yamauchi Honten Company that was established in 1751, 270 years history. Natural fountain spring water from Mt. Aso nurtures soybean completely free from agrochemicals. We add condiments such as garlic, chili, perilla and wasabi without using any additive, preservative and coloring agent.


5. How is it used in Japan? How do customers buy and like it?

- In Japan it's sold in glass jar, mainly as gift.

- Our clients are famous department store and large food retailers. In addition to that we sell in some local grocery and online shops.

- Our product has been certified "Kumamoto recommended products", adopted as the reward item in "hometown tax" project.

[2] Superiority and competitiveness

1. Figures that shows cost performance.

- Family use : 10g for 10 meals per a menu.

- Business use : 1kg for 45 pasta, 80 pizza, 70 onigiri (rice ball)

* Raw material cost can be less than 20%


2. Figures and facts that show problem solving capability.

- To get new health conscious customers with our own unique garlic miso paste because it has multi function and purpose.

- It's convenient to use in take-out menu and gift menu.

- It enhances appetite so customer may order one more menu to enjoy it. You can increase profit margin. Our case study showed the fact that many clients could increase profit margin (500yen/customer, 20%/goods).


3. Rarity, Originality and Creativity

Yamauchi Honten has special method to develop deep flavor of miso with using traditional miso that matches various healthy condiments such as garlic. Our product is handmade.


4. Core competence against competitors

We remove skin, root and stem of each ingredient by hands without depending on machines to make our products original.


5. Availability of test report, international certificate and data

We can offer, submit any document, test report and certificate upon your request.

[1. Product information]

1. Common product name : Miso paste (4 types), Harissa Mayonnaise paste (semi-solid dressing type)

2. Brand name : Hironosuke miso paste, Hironosuke harimayo (harissa mayonnaise) paste

3. Product line up : Retail 100g x 5 types(garlic, chili, perilla, wasabi and harissa)

MOQ : 210pcs/item (3 cartons), 10kg/carton(70pcs)

Business 1kg x 5 types(garlic, chili, perilla, wasabi and harissa)

MOQ : 17pcs/item (1 carton 20kg)

4. Product origin : Kumamoto, Japan

5. Name and place of manufacturer : Kumashoku Sangyo Co.,Ltd (Kumamoto city)

6. Raw material and ingredients : We can send sheet upon your request.

7. Production flow chart : We can send sheet upon your request.

8. Maximum supply volume per a month and a year : Retail 1,500pcs x 100g/month, Business 500pcs x 1kg/month

9. Available test report, license in English : We can send analysis report upon your request

10. Available domestic, international certificate in English : HACCP report of miso

11. Availability of Certificate of Origin (CO) : available

[2. Price and delivery information]


1. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Retail : 210pcs/item (3 cartons), 10kg/carton(70pcs)

Business : 17pcs/item (1 carton 20kg)

2. FOB Price : (FOB Kumamoto by EMS, Express Mail Service by Japan Post)

Garlic Miso (100g pack) : JPY 450/pack in MOQ

Harissa Mayonnaise (100g pack) : JPY 600/pack in MOQ

Garlic Miso (1kg bag) : JPY 2,700/bag in MOQ

Harissa Mayonnaise (1kg bag) : JPY 4,020/bag in MOQ

* Certificate of origin is included.

* If you prefer payment by PayPal. 4.1% of handling charge will be added.

3. Payment terms : Cash in advance

4. Payment method : PayPal, T/T

5. Lead Time : Shipment in EMS 2 weeks after confirming payment

6. HS Code : 2103.90.100

7. Sample : Up to 2 x 100g is free of charge (EMS freight is paid by buyer)

8. Measurement and weight



Retail: NW 8.5kg

           GW 10kg

Business: NW 18.7kg

                 GW 20kg

9. Material of container, package and wrapping : Plastic bag (100g paste) PE, PA, Lid PP

10. Shelf life : 1 year after production in normal temperature (if opened, store in refrigerator)

11. Temperature and method in the transportation and storage : Avoid high temperature and humidity

12. Availability of supply in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) /PB (Private Brand) : We can offer your special OEM/PB item upon your request

[3. Sales information]


1. Types of main customers in Japan :

Retail : Tsuruya department store in Kumamoto (local product, gift center) mainly for women in 50-80's

Hinomaru marche, Deco smile, online shop, seasonal gifts

Business : Restaurant, bar, bakery


2. Case studies : 300 gift sets in Tsuruya, 500 sets in local product center in Tsuruya, 150 sets in Kyushu local product shop, 300pcs in Hinomaru Marche, 1200pcs and 600 gift sets in Bar Hironosuke


3. Data to show performance and quality : We use beet sugar because of the high content of oligo saccharide.


4. Testimony of customers

- Since I started using hironosuke miso paste, I could add more healthy menu such as vegetable stick paste, grilled vegetable. Above all I love perilla miso paste. (Woman in 40's)

- I was not good at cooking, but since I knew hironosuke miso paste, I can easily add my favorite flavor without using many seasoning. Especially I love harissa paste because it can be use in many dishes. (Man in 30's)

- We met hironosuke miso paste when we looked for a new menu. Wasabi miso paste matched fried port very well and it brouhgt a new harmony with vegetable with its unique taste. Now it's our No.1 popular item! (Bakery)

- Before we knew it our standard paste for yakitori (grilled meat in stick) were salt pepper, plum, sweet soy sauce. However hironosuke miso paste can be used in most menu and easily add new flavor. Now we use chili miso paste and garlic paste in cabbage sald, many customer started giving us more orders. (Yakitori restaurant)

- We added harissa mayonnaise paste in our humburger, many customers tell us that's so tasty, never tried before. Many customers repeat order since then. (Craft beer bar)


5. Award : The 1st "Kumamoto made product" approved by Kumamoto city.


6. Media and publicity : TKU Live News in Kumamoto (2020)


7. Benefit of use

- Change image of your restaurant to healthy, beauty and unique

- Offer more attractive menu with healthy tasty miso paste

- Get new types of customer

- Increase profit margin with attractive menu by easy cooking


8. Precaution in usage : Soybean, wheat, sesame are used (in case customer has allergy, please notify in advance)


9. FAQ

1) What is harissa?

Harissa is spicy multi functional seasoning made of several ingredients that have effect of warming our body. We developed our own recipe and added mayonnaise to make it mild.


2) How can we store it?

We don't use any preservatives so please keep it in the refrigerator after opening it.


3) When shelf life is over, can it still be used?

Miso is fermented food so it can be used even if the shelf life is over. However taste may change, so please use it before the period comes.


4) We want to learn more recipe.

We offer some of recipe in our website. Please take a look.


10. Message from president

Our original miso paste has been developed with our passion to rebuild Kumamoto after huge earthquake that occurred in 2016. Since then more customers started thinking true health, happiness and life. Good local food was one of solutions. We carefully researched traditional food and modern life, and started developing a new item that can offer happiness, health and prosperity for retail and business use. Our product can be used as a new "business tool" to gain more profit with making your customers happier. We are happy to develop new product with you. Let's make your business more successful together with real Japanese food.  

Purpose of enquiry *Please choose appropriate one.

The privacy policy applies.


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